What is Design-Build?

Design-build is a process geared toward getting the most value out of your remodeling project while having the best experience.  Even the simplest home remodeling or construction project can take over your life. The amount of time and effort involved in researching, interviewing, and hiring electricians, plumbers, tile installers and other construction professionals is massive.

Godfrey Design-Build has spent years assembling a team of like minded, reliable and skilled carpenters, trade partners, and contractors who take pride in their approach and results.

Our design-build process is designed to take the hassle and stress out of home remodeling and construction. We manage your entire project, from initial design concepts all the way to completion. When you’re ready to invest your time with  the best home, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling contractors in the Beverly MA area, contact Godfrey Design-Build!


Why Godfrey-Design Build?


“I’m Pat Godfrey, an experienced construction professional and a Certified Remodeler.

My background in business and economics helps me manage budgets and keep your remodeling project on-schedule.”



“The whole project went extremely well.…The space on the 3rd floor turned out to be spectacular, and we were wildly happy with the whole process and the results….We all miss them now that they’re done, and that includes our yellow lab. I can’t imagine a better experience.”

- Jim & Rachel



Kitchen Remodeling

Our team’s kitchen remodeling contractors take on projects throughout the Beverly, MA area. We can:

  • Turn cramped kitchens into open, inviting spaces that function well

  • Remodel older kitchens to improve flow and include modern amenities

  • Maximize storage space and add the specific elements you need

Bathroom Remodeling

When working on bathroom remodeling projects in Beverly, MA, our contracting team can:

  • Bring your dream bathroom to life. Take a look at our bathroom portfolio.

  • Make small spaces feel larger through smart design and planning

  • Offer unlimited customizations and options on all of our projects


Whole Home Remodeling & Construction


Newburyport Deck and Sunroom 1.JPG

Deck Construction & Remodeling



Master Suite Remodeling



Serving Beverly, MA & The North Shore

Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling team takes on construction and remodeling projects throughout the North Shore area, including Beverly, MA. 


Are you looking for well designed home remodeling in Beverly, MA?
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