Ideas For Your North Shore Outdoor Living Space


Looking to find additional ways to enjoy your home’s outdoor space? We can’t blame you! Being surrounded by the natural beauty of Boston’s North Shore, we think an outdoor living space improvement project is a great investment in your home.

In this month’s post, we’ll take a look at some ideas for outdoor living spaces on the North Shore. Then, we’ll let you know 3 of our favorite outdoor living features.


Deck remodeling

The best way to take advantage of the beauty of the North Shore and enjoy your outdoor living space is through a deck remodeling project.

In addition to looking beautiful and offering a distinct aesthetic to your home, decks give you a reason to be outside and enjoy your surroundings. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see some wildlife!

Decks are offered in a variety of wood and synthetic material choices and can be designed to fit your exact needs.


Advantages of adding a deck include:

  • A place for entertaining: Decks provide a place to hold good-weather celebrations ranging from birthday parties to Fourth of July BBQs.

  • Keeps the rest of your outdoor space in good condition: Just because you don’t have a deck doesn’t mean you’ll be spending all of your time inside. Chairs, BBQ grills, and dining sets can all kill grass and leave impressions on your lawn.

  • Adds functional space: Decks add usable space to your home. Particularly in the summer, decks add a whole new room and potential dining area.

  • A more beautiful home: Decks add a beautiful functional layer to your home. An experienced North Shore decking remodeler can turn your previously unused yard space into a beautiful new space.

  • Additional value to your home: The additional space and beauty do more than just add to your enjoyment, they can add to the amount the next buyer will be willing to pay. Some home buyers often target features like decks, and are willing to pay a premium when they find a home they love with that feature they can’t live without.

Learn more about how a deck remodel can improve your North Shore home.


Garden patio

Garden patios offer a relaxing space to unwind after a long day at work or a place to read your morning paper during the summer months.

While you can put a patio anywhere you like (and they look good anywhere, too), adding the additional layer of vegetation around your patio adds to the elegance of the space.

Some fun additions to a garden patio that will bring it to the next level include:

  • Patio tables and chairs

  • Small water fountain or bird bath

  • Outdoor speakers


Outdoor kitchen

When some hear the words “outdoor kitchen,” a simple charcoal BBQ grill and picnic bench come to mind. But the the possibilities are really endless!

Modern outdoor kitchens can even feature entire kitchen setups, including:

  • Sinks

  • Bar seating

  • Either full-sized or small refrigerators

  • Dishwasher

  • Gas range

Benefits of outdoor kitchens

  • Easy cleanup: When cooking outdoors, cleanup is a lot easier since all of the surfaces are durable and meant to survive the weather. Smells will also be kept outside and out of your home.

  • Avoid hot kitchens in the summer: Cooking on a summer night can be a tough proposition. The heat of an oven or stove can be overwhelming after a long, hot day. Outdoor kitchens will keep your kitchen at the right temp without wearing out your AC!

  • Enjoy the outdoors while cooking: Love barbequing? Outdoor kitchens allow you to expand on the feeling of cooking outside beyond the limits of barbecued meals.


3 Outdoor living features we love

No matter what type of outdoor living space you’re considering for your North Shore home, we encourage you to find a feature that you absolutely love. Below, we’ve listed 3 of our favorite outdoor living features.


Outdoor fireplaces

Who doesn’t love the smell of a campfire? WIth an outdoor fireplace in your outdoor living living space, you can have a campfire any time you want.

In addition to being a fun activity for the whole family (marshmallows anyone?), outdoor fireplaces are a perfect feature to design your entire outdoor living space around.

With outdoor fireplaces, there are multiple options available, including:

  • Gas outdoor fireplaces: Start your campfire with the flick of a switch!

  • Gas starter outdoor fireplaces: A gas burner is run through the fire pit, which starts a flame that will help you start the fire but retain the use of wood. The convenience of a gas fireplace with the smell, heat, and feel of a wood fire!

  • Traditional fire pit: Beautiful and durable fire pits are a great option if you want traditional fire options.


Hot tub

This is a feature on many of our clients wish lists and a great addition to any outdoor space. Hot tubs are not only a fun way to spend an evening and enjoy the outdoors, but also offer a number of medical benefits, including reducing anxiety, helping ease sore muscles, and lowering blood pressure.

Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and designs, ranging from models that accommodate half a dozen or more people with an array of jets, to simple two person soaking designs.


Pizza oven

Now this is how you take pizza night to the next level!

Pizza ovens come in all sizes and are commonly part of outdoor kitchen remodeling projects. They’re particularly great for entertaining guests and offering an outdoor party that goes beyond a BBQ.

With high heat from a wood burning stove, there simply is nothing like a pizza from an outdoor pizza oven. Amateur (and pro) chefs from around the North Shore use this outdoor kitchen for other purposes as well! Anything you’d cook in an oven can be utilized with this outdoor cooking feature, such as

  • Bread

  • Baked shellfish and seafood

  • Veggie casseroles

  • Stews

  • Roasts


Outdoor living on the North Shore

Given the natural beauty of Boston’s North Shore, the outdoor space and deck building contractors at Godfrey Design-Build love delivering homeowners an outdoor living space that transforms their home.

Contact us with any questions or to discuss the possibility of adding an outdoor living space or deck to your home.