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“Pat Godfrey and his team are amazing! Our house is an antique (300 yrs old), and we had a great deal of trouble finding someone who understood how we wanted to preserve the character and integrity of the house while updating it. Pat came through, and not only understood what we wanted, he also made some great recommendations to improve on what we described. We would definitely work with him again.”  – Christine C.


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Do you want to transform your house into the home of your dreams? Updating the style and layout to better reflect your lifestyle or adding more space for a growing family?

No matter your reason, a Winchester home remodel can completely change your home into a space that better fits in with the way you live your life today, and will tomorrow. 

The expert designers, architects, and construction professionals at Godfrey Design-Build, LLC, are here to help with your Winchester home remodel. We can help you through the entire home remodel process, from an initial consultation through completion. Our goal is to build a space you’ll be excited about living in for years to come.


Home Design-Build Remodels

The Godfrey Design-Build team are home remodeling experts in Winchester. Our design-build process can:

  • Maximize space or create new rooms by adding or removing walls
  • Repair and replace floors to update the look and feel of your home
  • Respect the traditional appearance and style of the historical homes of the North Shore while adding modern features and appliances 

Your imagination is the only limit when working with Godfrey Design-Build LLC. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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Kitchen Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling


Deck Remodeling


Our Winchester Design-Build Home Remodeling Process


Before, when starting a home remodel you’d need to hire a team of individual specialists. Choosing and managing architects, designers, carpenters, and any other workers would be up to you. You alone would be responsible for managing the unique schedules and timelines of all of your workers, leading to inevitable delays, inflated budgets, and an unhappy team.

This would lead to a stressful and expensive experience and a final product that didn’t live up to your expectations.

The solution to this outdated process? Design-Build Remodeling. When you hire just one firm to handle the project from beginning to end, your remodel will be streamlined, efficient, and stress-free. 

The result is a home remodel that’s on time, on budget, and exactly as you imagined.

What We Do


The home remodeling process should be an exciting process where you end up with the perfect home remodel afterwards. When Godfrey Design-Build works on a Winchester home remodeling and design-build project, we:

  1. Manage the whole project from beginning to end
  2. Maintain communication through all stages of the home remodel process
  3. Develop an understanding of your home remodeling needs, executing your vision on a timeline and budget that make sense
  4. Contract our seasoned team of expert professionals
  5. Manage timelines and schedules, setting deadlines for each phase of your Winchester home remodel
  6. Resolve possible issues before they start 

Working with the talented team at Godfrey Design-Build, LLC is the best way to actually achieve your dream home.

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What Our Clients Say…

“Pat and his team delivered the best possible experience on all levels. He is always responsive to questions and calls.  He is well organized and often had already thought or completed items when I brought something up. His design ideas were far beyond what I could have come up with. Everyone Pat has working on the house was kind, efficient and did excellent work. Most importantly, he often did took care or suggested little details that made world of difference.” -- Bryna M.

“Pat is everything we could have asked for in a contractor for our first big home renovation project after moving to the North Shore. Very pleased with how well everything came out! On the job Pat is always professional, on-time and cleaned up the job site well. There were no long delays in getting the job completed. In short, Very pleased overall with the quality of work and the professional demeanor in which Pat and his crew operate.” -- Tim W.

About Godfrey Design-Build, LLC

Pat Godfrey founded Godfrey Design-Build, LLC with one goal in mind: helping Winchester homeowners build the homes of their dreams.

With over 12 years in the construction industry and a degree in economics, Pat knows how to deliver the best home remodeling projects. He loves solving Winchester home remodeling challenges and knows how to keep projects on time and budget, all while delivering amazing results. 

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